REVIEW: Padilla Series ’68

The first thing that struck me about this cigar was the size. At seven inches you know you’re in for a long smoke. I just hoped it was going to be a great one. I should have known better than to second guess as, once again, Padilla delivers on this stick!

I should mention this ‘gar was left in my hot car as I tended to some errands, so the wrapper came partially undone. This was completely my fault and I was kicking myself for not doing some better planning. I was pleasantly surprised once more, however, when, after I carefully re-tightened the leaf, it was virtually unaffected by my lapse in judgment!

The lancero size means you’re not going to get bogged down as you might with a larger ring cigar, while the length won’t short-change you in enjoyment. It took me about 40 minutes to smoke this one, which is more than I can say for some of the larger ring size sticks I’ve had.

Bottom line, this is a cigar you can purchase by the box and know you’ll get a consistent, quality smoke each time.


 7.5” x 38
Medium to Full-Bodied
Corojo wrapper


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