REVIEW: Gurkha Micro-Batch

While the name may sound funny, the smokes are anything but. When it comes to quality cigars at affordable prices, Gurkha is where it’s at.

The Liga TPB-1 Box-Pressed Lonsdale is pretty much full spice from start to finish. It hits like a ton of bricks at first but allows you to soon become ‘used’ to the flavor and, as the initial intensity wears off, you’re left with a well-rounded taste that will linger long after you’ve taken your last puff.

The thin ring (size 44) lets you take a break from the ‘fatties’ and enjoy a smaller cigar, but don’t be fooled by the size. How does the old adage go? “Good things come in small packages.”

This is a fine cigar that will soon become one of your favorites. I know it’s got a solid place in my top five!

Well done.

6.5″ x 44 (box-press)
Nicaragua, Ecuador, Pennsylvania
Nicaraguan Habano wrapper


3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Gurkha Micro-Batch

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    • Hi, Art. Everyone’s tastes are different, of course, so I can’t really recommend food and drink for cigars. Each person’s palate is different. Personally, I don’t eat and smoke. That is purely a personal choice. I often smoke after a nice meal, however, and find that to be enjoyable.

      As for drinks, some people like a nice beer or wine with a cigar, others choose coffee, Kool-Aid, etc. I used to pair a nice smoke with hot tea, iced coffee/Frappucino, even a soda. Now I stick with Pelligrino (the mineral water).

      This one might take some experimenting, Art, but I’m sure you’ll soon find your ‘go-to’ mixes of food and drink to complement your ‘gars. Let me know how it turns out! 🙂 ppg

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