REVIEW: Gurkha Regent

Why do I feel guilty about having to write a poor review for a Gurkha cigar?

The Regent offers an average smoke amidst otherwise above average offerings from this brand.

The burn was uneven, leaving bits of ash flying around the room. The draw was tight and while I (thankfully) didn’t have to relight, I found myself having to babysit this one, puffing every three seconds or so just to keep the darn thing from going out! Once I got about three inches in, the experience started to improve- but just barely. Then came the unraveling of the wrapper and I called it quits on this stick.

Try this one out for yourself (if you must), but definitely don’t get roped into buying a box or even a five-pack. This is a ‘cigar single’ purchase for sure!

Alternatively, you could sample a better offering in this Gurkha box-press and save yourself what could be a dissatisfying experience.


6.5″ x 52
Honduran wrapper

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