REVIEW: Rocky Patel Fusion

I have never been a fan of Rocky Patel. Let me be honest about that up front. I find this brand overpriced, overhyped and just not that good.

That said, I got the Fusion Lancero in a sampler pack and decided to give it a shot.

This stick burned much too fast for my liking. It was as if it was trying to snuff itself out! The draw was very tight. I had a mind to call one of my plumber friends and borrow their drain snake!

Joking, of course, but I did have to ditch my tip and even then found myself really having to do some deep puffing just to keep this one from going out. It was as if I was working for the cigar!

The smoke was weak throughout, offering no taste to speak of, leaving an aftertaste similar to what I imagine licking an ashtray would be like.

The Fusion is not completely un-smokeable and if you’re given one at a party I’d certainly give it a try, but for the price ($4 a stick) you’d be better off with another selection.

Color me unimpressed on this ‘gar.


7” x 38
Habano/Connecticut wrapper


4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Rocky Patel Fusion

    • Hi, there. I am not against Rocky Patel. I am not a huge fan of the brand but I am not trying to sabotage it either. I’m sorry if the post came across that way. I try to be “neutral” on my reviews. Many people love RP, unfortunately I am not one of them. One of the purposes of the blog is also get some feedback from others and maybe a different viewpoint on the smokes I had not considered. So thanks for your feedback. Obviously, not everyone thinks the same way and that’s why these type of review sites exist. I hope you’ll continue to read the blog and please feel free to give your take on the ‘gars reviewed as well or smokes you’ve tried that I should be sampling. I think this is how we can all get to enjoy cigars as much as we do and more. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  1. You talk about smoke times a lot. What is a good cigar if I am strapped for time? What are some good cigars I can get locally?

    • Hi, Manny. Well, the time depends mostly on you (how fast you smoke, etc.) and the type of cigar you get (how tight the draw is, etc.). But if you’re looking for a ‘quick’ smoke I’d focus on the smaller ring size cigars, 42 ring and smaller. These will typically be in your lancero-corona range.

      Is there a smoke shop near you? I would recommend going to a cigar shop, if possible. You’d be surprised at the selection and in most shops and you can typically get a good smoke for $2-3. I like the Black and Tan, and many shops also carry a small selection of their ‘own’ cigars. Most places will allow you to buy any brand in singles as well, which will save you from having to dole out for an entire box.

      If you don’t have a store nearby, why not try out a Garcia y Vega corona or a Swisher Sweets? Dutch Masters is also a good ‘machine made’ cigar. The so-called ‘gas-station’ cigars are doing some neat stuff with flavors and sizes these days.

      I hope you find your go-to smokes soon! Let me know how it turns out. 🙂 ppg

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