REVIEW: Man o’ War

It only took one puff to realize I’d be smoking this stick to the nub.

An aptly named ‘gar, the Man o’ War by AJ Fernandez is an aggressive smoke, holding you hostage in smoking pleasure from start to finish.

It features a nice, slow and easy draw; I could puff on this one in my sleep! The ash holds on like a solider, up to three inches in.

I’d give this more of a solid, medium body finish than a medium-full, though. The only ‘constructive criticism’ I can offer is that it burns a little hot toward the end. If you’re not using a cigar tip, you might burn your fingers trying to squeeze out the last drop of goodness from this smoke.

At nearly six bucks a stick, the ‘layman’ may not be able to justify buying a full box (a 22 cigar box will hit your wallet hard with a $125 price tag). That said, if you get a chance to buy a single (or two), or if you’re lucky enough to snag this ‘gar in a sampler as I did, you can thank your lucky stars for a smoke you’ll likely never forget.

Bottom line, this cigar does not play games. It shows you who’s the boss throughout, but leaves you only wanting more.

Well done.


 6” x 44
Medium-to-Full Bodied
Habano (Ecuador) wrapper


2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Man o’ War

    • Hi, Emily. To be honest, the ash situation is still open for debate. Some people think it makes no difference, while others make a bit of a ‘game’ out of how long they can keep the ash on a cigar.

      I talk about ash because it does play a factor in the taste of a cigar. It also says something about the construction, since a poorly crafted cigar tends to let out a lot of ash. Personally, I tend to keep the ash on for about an inch or two after lighting, then ash as necessary going forward.

      You’ll get used to how long you can hold off ashing as you smoke more and begin to understand your own smoking style. No one likes having hot ash fall on them, or having it get all over their clothes, etc.

      Basically, the matter is still up to the individual. There is no “right” time to ash, or set ashing frequency standards. I’ll only recommend you try to keep a bit of ash on your next couple cigars, even as an experiment. I think you’ll find it does affect the taste, in the end.

      Happy Smoking! 🙂 ppg

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