REVIEW: Indian Tabac Maduro

The first few puffs of this stick will hit you hard with a powerful spice that’ll reach all the way to the back of your throat.

I’m not usually a fan of maduros, but the Rocky Patel Indian Tabac Super Furete (torpedo) is certainly the exception, not the rule.

The initial spice soon mellows into a nice, rich smoke which holds it’s ash up to three inches in and keeps on giving until you’re ready to say ‘when.’ I didn’t expect to smoke this one to the nub.

If you’ve been apprehensive to try out a full-bodied and/or maduro ‘gar for fear of being overpowered, this is the stick for you. It offers a well-rounded smoking experience which won’t bog you down.

This is the perfect after dinner (or anytime!) cigar.

Well done.


5” x 50 (box-press)
Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica
Connecticut Broadleaf (maduro) wrapper


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