Mass. May Join Anti-Smoking Agenda

In another sad (but true) case of “your tax dollars at work,” the State of Massachusetts is using $316,000 of federal stimulus money to fund the printing of anti-smoking warning signs.

The proposition from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health will not be decided on until August.

Under the proposal, signs depicting images of rotten teeth, brain tumors and cancerous lungs will be displayed in convenience stores, brick and mortar tobacco shops (B&Ms) and retail locations which sell cigarettes and tobacco products.

“Both [the] graphic warning and the cessation education sign will be eight-and-a-half by eleven inches and posted near the display of tobacco products,” says project director Eileen Sullivan.

“We want to ensure that everyone sees the warnings prior to purchasing tobacco, and all cash registers will be required to have a three-by-three inch cessation education sign with the Quit Line number.”

The move is similar to an existing project already in place in New York City.

This is yet another blow to the tobacco industry, and a slap in the face to the millions of citizens who exercise their still legal (for now) right to smoke cigarettes and cigars.

I sincerely hope this proposal will not be implemented into law, and that other states across the U.S. will decide not to follow New York and Massachusetts’ war on tobacco.


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