Savannah Lawmakers Play Big Brother

The war on tobacco is heating up, as Savannah, Georgia, considers joining the American cities bent on banning smoking in public.

Savannah wants to ‘up the ante,’ so to speak, by painting smokers as common criminals, regardless of the fact that smoking tobacco is still legal in the United States of America.

Savannah Mayor Otis Johnson has proposed a ban on smoking in bars, private clubs and cigar shops. Under his plan, the only place smokers could light up within city limits would be in their cars or private homes.

I would not be surprised if this sole bastion of freedom smokers have left will soon be taken from them, as well.

But Mayor Johnson and the Savannah City Council are not stopping there, in the pursuit to keep smokers under their collective boots.

If approved, the ban would also outlaw smoking in almost every workplace, as well as all of the city’s bars, restaurants and clubs. Smokers would also not be welcomed within 20 feet from the entrance to any workplace. This would prevent tobacco enthusiasts from lighting up even outside of bars and restaurants, and even inside smoke shops.

“This proposal is one of the worst smoking bans in the country. It’s a very sweeping ban,” says Glynn Loope, Executive Director of Cigar Rights of America.

“They don’t want to talk about education, they want to talk about tobacco.”

This is just one more example of elected officials and municipalities playing Big Brother.



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