REVIEW: Bahia Blu

If you’re looking for a good cigar you can light up anytime, the Bahia Blu B500 by Tony Borhani is one you’ll always want in your humidor.

This ‘gar is extremely smooth, offering tons of thick white smoke and a pleasant taste throughout. I would classify it as a straight up mild bodied, though.

I did experience a burn issue and found it smoked a little hot until a few inches in.

That said, puffing on this stick was like a mini-vacation for the senses.

Perhaps the best part is the fact that you get a good size cigar without a huge time commitment. It took me only 20 minutes to take this one down to the nub.

This is of the few smokes I’d recommend shelling out for a full box.

Well done.


5” x 50 (robusto)
Medium Bodied
Corojo wrapper


4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Bahia Blu

    • JJJ,

      Thanks for writing. It would be best, of course, if you could get a hold of some sort of humidification element- be it a disc, tube, gel-jar, etc. These are easily found in your local cigar shop or online. What is your reasoning for not wanting a humidification element?

      In any event, if you’re ‘in-between’ replacement humidification devices, you can construct a make-shift one.

      Get a Dixie cup (or cut a paper/plastic cup)
      Fill cup with distilled water
      Top with plastic wrap or tin foil
      Poke holes in plastic wrap or tin foil
      Insert in humidor

      This should adequately keep your cigars fresh for a few weeks. Please realize this is only a make-shift option, however. It really is best to get a humidification device, if you are able.

      If you decide against any type of device, I would recommend buying your cigars in very small quantities (1 to 5), to avoid cracks, drying out and other situations which could ruin your stash.

      Happy smoking! 🙂 ppg

    • Lilly,

      Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to “fix” a cigar whose wrapper has come undone.

      If you try to rewind it or ‘pull’ it back into place, you risk tearing the wrapper right off! That said, I once suffered a ‘bad cut’ which caused the wrapper to unravel at the head of the cigar. I put a small piece of Scotch tape in place, which seemed to do the trick.

      Of course, it’s best to try to avoid this type of situation altogether, when/if possible. 🙂 ppg

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