REVIEW: Gurkha Symphony

Gurkha’s “Symphony” is an average cigar from an otherwise above average brand.

While not completely imperfect, the construction is a bit weak. I had two in the humidor at relatively optimum humidity (hygrometer reading) for a good long ‘seasoning’ time, and they both began to unravel at the foot.

The smoke is alright, but gets ashy toward the middle. I had to pop a mint to avoid ‘ashtray mouth.’

While not entirely unsmokeable, this is certainly not K. Hansotia’s finest work.

It is one step up from the Gurkha Regent, but still not likely to find its place in my humidor again any time soon.

This ‘gar is not an underachiever, by any means, but, rather, comes in as the solid C+ student of smokes.


6” x 50 (robusto)
Mild Bodied
Nicaragua, Dominican Republic
Connecticut wrapper


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