REVIEW: Punch Rothschild Maduro

The Punch Rothschild Maduro is a well constructed cigar which holds ash well and gives a consistent, pleasant smoke throughout.

Don’t let its comparatively diminutive size fool you; this stick, well… packs a punch.

On the downside, the taste can get rather ashy, so I would suggest having some sort of beverage to counter this drawback.

Bottom line, while I don’t see this ‘gar taking a place in my humidor again, and definitely won’t be making a run for a box anytime soon, it’s a good smoke to add to your repertoire.

It’s worth a try at least once, if only to say you smoked a Punch and lived to tell the tale.


 4.5” x 50
Full Bodied
Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic
Maduro wrapper


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