Indiana Could Join War on Tobacco

Another misguided lawmaker has signed on in the War on Tobacco.

Indiana State Representative Charlie Brown plans to introduce a bill in next year’s General Assembly which would ban smoking in all public establishments, with no exemptions. This means no one in the “great” state of Indiana would be able to light up in restaurants, bars, not even smoke shops.

“Once you start saying you are exempt because of these reasons, then everybody’s going to come up with a reason as to why they should be exempt as well,” says Brown.

The bill marks the Indiana Democrat’s fourth attempt to install a state-wide smoking ban. The city of Indianapolis already bans smoking in places of employment, including bars.

This sort of legislation is immoral and un-American. Smoking is still legal in the United States. As yet, no legislator has had the courage to propose a nationwide smoking ban. They know this would result in chaos– a lesson hard learned from the botched attempt at prohibition in the 1920s.

These attacks on smoking amount to nothing more than a low-life political stunt– pandering to constituents in hopes for votes come next election. For these reasons and many others, lawmakers like Mr. Brown should be ashamed of themselves.


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