Nub is a new concept in the rich history of cigars. Developed by the masters at Oliva, the idea is simple:

Any smoker knows a cigar takes some time to “marinate,” and to reach the “sweet spot.” These cigars are aimed at quickly getting you to the full-flavor, blood-pressure raising ‘buzz’ so coveted by many smokers.

The sticks are short — measuring in at just four inches — but unlike a cigarillo, the ring sizes range from 58-60, offering the benefits of a full-size cigar… without the wait.


Nub Connecticut: offers a rich Connecticut wrapper, adequate ash hold, slow burn and all around good smoke. Without sounding too cliché, if you’re a fan of Connecticut smokes, you’ll be a fan of this cigar. (4″ x 60)

Nub Cameroon: is a smooth, full-bodied smoke that’s not overpowering. A little bit of spice, a little bit of pepper, this ‘gar is a great choice for any good time. (4″ x 60)

Nub Habano: offers a thick and rugged, dark and oily Habano wrapper. Featuring hints of earth and nuts, it is a fine choice for a quick, well-rounded smoke. (4″ x 60)

Nub Maduro: features a dark, rugged maduro wrapper. The smoke has notes of leather and dark roast/dark chocolate, boasting a slow burn and pleasant aftertaste. (4″ x 60)

Nub Dub: This double-maduro shorty starts with notes of earth and a tarragon-esque flavor. It features a thick and hearty construction, a slow and steady burn. (4” x 60)


This series also features a box-pressed torpedo Cameroon, torpedo Habano, torpedo Connecticut and Cain Nub.

While I won’t be stock-piling these cigars anytime soon, I can see them making an occasional ‘guest appearance’ in my humidor.

Bottom line, if you’re into cigars, you need to at least try a Nub, if only to be counted of the many enthusiasts who have experienced this new concept in the industry.


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