REVIEW: El Mejor Emerald

Having already experienced a less than good smoke from previous El Mejor offerings, I was skeptical of this stick before the first puff, for several reasons.

The shaggy foot immediately ruins the asthetic appeal from the get-go. I do realize this is also a draw for many cigar enthusiasts, though.

The cedar sleeve was a nice touch, but it’s held together with a piece of Scotch tape, which means removing the sleeve without tearing or otherwise compromising the wrapper is tough.

I was also unhappy to see this stick comes pre-punched. It’s not a huge deal, I suppose, but it eliminates the possibility of a clean-cut. The punch itself was also sloppy.

The ash-hold is average, having been compromised by the shaggy foot.

At times, this ‘gar tasted like an ashtray, as well. Should you decide to try one out for yourself, you’ll need a cup of coffee or some mints to take the edge off the taste.

In the end, while not a ‘top-shelf’ smoke, this is an average cigar, good for handing out to friends, or casual smoking at the beach, the golf course, etc.

It is, sadly, though, only about a half-step up from a gas station cigar.


6” x 52
Nicaragua, Honduras
Corojo wrapper


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