REVIEW: Indian Tabac Natural

I’ve never been a fan of Rocky Patel cigars, but I have to say Mr. P. certainly hit the nail on the head with this smoke.

The Indian Tabac Box Pressed Super Fuerte Natural is a throw-back to the old Black and Tan (and similar) ‘gars I loved as a lad.

It’s smooth and slinky, offering tons of thick white smoke throughout, with an easy draw which remains consistent right down to the nub.

That said, there are some issues to be aware of. This stick has a tendency to unravel once cut, so I’d recommend using a cigar tip, or punch-cutting, when available. Twice now I’ve had to deal with burn issues at the foot; small holes cropping up which cut this already brief smoke short.

All in all, though, this is the perfect “anytime” smoke snack, taking up less than 20 minutes of your time at a clip. Add a nice coffee drink or the like, and you’re in for a short, but sweet, treat!

Well done.


5” x 50 (box-press)
Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua
Mild Bodied
Habana wrapper

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