Anti-Tobacco Fascists Strike Again

Add the village of Great Neck, New York to the ever-growing list of cities and states hell-bent on an all-out War on Tobacco.

Boasting less than 10,000 residents, Great Neck  is the first municipality in the Empire State to ban smoking outside, outlawing your right to light up on public sidewalks, or within 125 feet of the village center. Smoking has also been banned in front of businesses, in the village park and at the Village Housing Authority.

Count this reality as just one more slap in the face of tobacco enthusiasts everywhere. What New York lawmakers are trying to do, with their staunch anti-tobacco agendas, is immoral and un-Constitutional.

Tobacco is a still legal substance in the United States, and until misguided lawmakers like those in Great Neck, New York get their way toward a comprehensive ban on tobacco, any ordinance or other legislation seeking to ban smoking anywhere is purely and plainly fascism at its finest.


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