Honduran Fear Mongers on the Prowl

A new ban in Honduras not only prohibits smoking in most public places, but allows people to ‘rat out’ smokers who light up inside their own homes.

Under the new law, citizens are able to report smokers to police, if they are exposed to secondhand smoke, even if that smoke emanates from an open window inside a neighbor’s home.

“Offenders” will receive a verbal warning the first time police are called, followed by a $311 fine. The fine is equivalent to one month’s salary, based on Honduras’ minimum wage.

Long a respected leader in the tobacco industry, this legislation is bound to only hurt the impoverished nation, and ultimately strip hard-working tobacconists and cigar rollers of their livelihood.

For shame to you, Honduras lawmakers. You are misguided fools, robbing children of a lucrative future from tobacco cultivation, and stealing food from the mouths of all your citizens. Time will only prove your idiotic policy to be the heap of trash it is.


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