Great Britain’s Great Delusion

It seems “Jolly Old England” isn’t so jolly about tobacco. The country has banned tobacco displays in stores, as part of a series of measures to discourage smoking.

Under the new law, tobacco products will have to be kept under the counter in most stores by 2012. Smaller stores have until 2015 to put the tobacco away.

It is not this new law which should outrage tobacco enthusiasts. The fact of the matter is, most stores in the U.S. currently have cigarettes and cigars “behind the counter,” and frequently ask for identification from customers who appear to be under the legal age to purchase these products.

Instead, what the general public should be outraged by is the fact that the United States and England, along with many other countries across the world (including Canada, Ireland, Iceland, Finland and more) refuse to make tobacco illegal, instead hiding behind their “health” stance, while reaping the benefits of skyrocketing taxes on these products, which seem to only increase with each passing year.

What these lawmakers need to realize is that smoking is still a legal activity. Until they are willing to go without the massive federal revenue which smokers willingly generate, these bans, resolutions and general condemnation of the smoking public will only come across as the dark fact they are: pure and absolute hypocrisy.


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