REVIEW: Black Pearl Morado

It’s not often I’m forced to write quite such a disparaging review as I have to draft about the Black Pearl Morado. Unfortunately, this offering from La Perla Habana is just not up to snuff with any other handmade I’ve yet tried.

I was at first intrigued by the minty start to this cigar, but soon became unimpressed as that gave way to an almost chili powder taste which, sadly, remained throughout the duration of the smoke.

There was a sort of ‘under-smoke’ present—a backdraft which was downright annoying, to say the least. The stick seemed to be stale, filled with sub-par tobacco. Even a so-called ‘gas-station cigar’ could put this smoke to shame.

The burn was fast and at times uneven. I will say the ash hold was adequate and the construction was fine.

Unfortunately, these are the only ‘pluses’ I can offer on this ‘gar. After being forced to pop a stick of gum to take the edge off the unappealing taste, I ended up having to stub it out (a disrespectful gesture for sure) with nearly three inches left!

I had such high hopes for this cigar, having read and heard favorable reviews the past few months. I carefully ‘seasoned’ this stick in my humidor for weeks. Now I wish I had, instead, allocated that precious real-estate for a better smoke.


6” x 50 (toro)
Full Bodied
Cameroon wrapper

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