REVIEW: Bahia Maduro

I can’t say enough about the Bahia Maduro by Tony Borhani.

At first light, this stick delivers notes of roasted nuts and leather, then hints of dark chocolate before rounding out to an earthy goodness.

The construction is fabulous, featuring a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper with few, if any, veins. I only had one burn issue, and a bit of tight draw to begin with, but those problems soon gave way to the overall beauty of this cigar.

A light and subtle maduro, this smoke delivers a consistent pleasant taste, and the aromatic smoke creates a sensory ambiance not to be missed.

The burn is not too fast, not too slow, but “just right” to create a leisurely 40 minutes or so on the back porch, at a downtown café, or wherever your favorite smoke spot may be. The ash held for four plus inches!

In the end, this ‘gar is a clean smoke which has not only found its way into my top ten, but is quite possibly my favorite cigar of all time.

Forget about smoking to the nub—you’ll enjoy this one ‘til it burns your fingers! It will only leave you wanting more.

Well done.  


6” x 54
Connecticut wrapper (broadleaf)

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