REVIEW: Drew Estate EGG

The Drew Estate EGG is a fun, novelty cigar. While it likely won’t be your ‘go-to’ smoke or even make it into the regular rotation, you’ll want to try it out, if only just to say you did.

The EGG comes in its own box, nestled in a bed of tobacco leaves. The smoke starts out with an almost stale and sour taste. The draw is very tight at the beginning and middle. Once started, however, it gives off a pleasant taste and lots of smoke.

Owing to its shape, holding this cigar is awkward. The construction is not very good, so expect some unraveling throughout.

I was surprised, though, with how well it held ash; I didn’t ash once throughout the smoke! That said, you will want to be sure to have an empty ash tray handy, as the EGG will take likely take up the whole thing.

It is billed as taking “at least” two hours to smoke. I would dispute that, since I finished it in about 45 minutes at a ‘normal’ puff pace. In the end, though, smoking this ‘gar was a fun experience.

Well done.


6” (tapered head/foot with egg shaped middle)
Mild Bodied (Full Bodied maduro)
Connecticut or Maduro wrapper


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