REVIEW: Cohiba

I have never bought into the hype of Cohiba, and with a hefty price tag (even a single is typically more than $10), it’s certainly not a layman’s cigar. So, when I got one as part of a sampler purchase, I was intrigued.

Though I resolved to go into the smoke without any preconceived notions, it, sadly, only confirmed my years of being a “hold-out.”

The construction is poor, the draw tight, the ash hold nearly non-existent. The taste was quite pleasant, however, and the stick generated an ample amount of thick, white smoke. The burn was slow and steady.

In the end, I don’t see myself getting any more of these ‘gars. But, as mentioned earlier, Cohiba is not (and wasn’t meant to be) a layman’s cigar. In that regard, perhaps we can agree to part ways as acquaintances.


5.1” x 42 (corona)
Medium Bodied
Dominican Republic
Cameroon wrapper


One thought on “REVIEW: Cohiba

  1. To be fair, a Dominican “Cohiba” is nothing like the authentic Cuban variety. (Courts have allowed the brand to be compromised.) Authentic Cuban Cohibas are often $50 per stick as contraband in the US, if available, and upwards of $450 a box in a reputable tobacco shop in Havana. Even when their quality has suffered through times of inconsistency, have never, in my experience, exhibited the characteristics you describe.

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