Cigar Industry Faces More Struggles Ahead

Indeed, the times they are a-changin’ for the cigar industry. Though federal regulators have yet to decide just what limits are on the horizon, it’s clear tobacconists and smokers won’t be getting off easy.

If lawmakers decide to go the route of current regulation for cigarettes, that could mean some cigar sizes and shapes would be banned, and restrictions could be placed on marketing and advertising. New health warnings may also be required, and the days of the ‘cigar single’ could be numbered.

Some online outlets and even brick-and-mortar shops are getting a jump on a new requirement that consumers provide I.D., similar to alcohol sales. They’re asking patrons to provide photocopies of their licenses, or other proof they are of legal age to purchase tobacco products.

The trouble with all of this is not so much the regulation, as the deceitful way it is being fed to us. Lawmakers will have you believe that these rules are being set up to protect children, to protect smokers themselves, when it’s plain to see this is just a cowardly excuse to impose even higher taxes on cigars. These “provisions” are nothing more than another thinly-veiled, low-down and greedy stunt the politicians are so adept at pulling.


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