Florida’s Misguided Mandate

Tobacco-loving jobseekers: steer clear of Delray Beach, Florida. The city has banned employees from using tobacco products of any kind: cigarettes, cigars, even “smokeless” tobacco.

City officials say it’s a move to keep insurance costs down. Existing employees who light up will be able to keep their jobs, but they’ll have to pay a higher insurance premium than their straight-edged co-workers.

I hate to be the broken record here, but why aren’t overweight workers banned from city posts? Why not those who abuse alcohol? Could it be the mayor and city officials are nothing but a pack of cowardly, fat drunks?

You can call that ‘hitting below the belt’ if you want, but until these misguided lawmakers cease their relentless attack on a still legal right, smokers should do whatever they can (within the law) to call them out.

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