Review: Texas Jewboy

If you can see past the odd and offensive moniker, this stick from Kinky Friedman is an adequate choice for inclusion in any humidor.

It begins with notes of spice and pepper. You may have a hard time keeping it lit, though, and it burns hot at the end.


6.2” x 54 (torpedo)
Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua
Medium Bodied
Habano wrapper


2 thoughts on “Review: Texas Jewboy

  1. Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys have been around since 1971. Kinky’s band managed to use satire and humor with his fellow Texians for a long time. While the name may not be PC, the band has cult status. Kinky and his Texas Jewboys played with everyone of note back in the 70’s; including Bob Dylan. It was when he decided to run for governor of Texas in 2006 that he began blending and producing cigars. At first they were very expensive, but the economy gave him a shot of reality and the prices came way down.
    Sample lyrics:
    “Oh, they ain’t makin’ Jews like Jesus anymore,
    They ain’t makin’ carpenters that know what nails are for”

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