Save the Cigars

If Federal lawmakers have their way, there will be no difference between hand-rolled cigars and the so-called “gas station smokes.” In the eyes of the law, at least, these two polar opposites would be taxed and regulated the same.

I’m not anti-machine made, mind you. But let’s face it: a grape-flavored cigarillo wrapped in paper and pumped full of preservatives is not nearly the same as a fine, hand-rolled long-filler cigar.

So what’s the big deal, anyway? FDA regulation could change the way cigars are manufactured and sold. This could translate into industry layoffs, which means it would get harder to find cigars, and when you did, you’d pay a pretty penny for the privilege. Exempting hand-rolled cigars from the proposed regulation would keep things ‘status quo.’

Cigar lovers are urged to contact their Federal representatives, asking them to keep this hobby legal and unregulated.


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