CVS’ War on Tobacco Widens

CVS really hates tobacco.

Last year, the company announced it would end tobacco sales. Now, the chain plans to punish customers who fill prescriptions at the “wrong” place — specifically pharmacies where tobacco products are sold. In some cases, the fee could climb as high as $15.

Despite the fact that tobacco is still a perfectly legal substance in the United States, lawmakers and citizens alike have chosen to turn a blind eye to CVS’ push to become America’s den mother.

I hope sane people will realize that this is nothing more than money-grubbing political pandering. How convenient to jump on the tobacco-demonizing bandwagon, while ignoring other “vices.”

If the focus were truly on health, the psychotics at CVS would take a closer look at alcohol, soda, and junk food — all of which pose equal (and sometimes greater!) health risks than tobacco.


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