Put it in Your Pipe

What do you do when you need cash fast? Why, tax tobacco enthusiasts, of course!

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed a whopping $6 Million per year tax on cigars, smokeless tobacco, and other tobacco products, to pay for a one-week summer transition program for at-risk youth.

It means each “little cigar” would be taxed an extra 15 cents. Hand-rolled cigars would be slapped with a 90 cent tax per stick. Smokeless tobacco fans would be forced to fork over an additional $2.16 per tin, and “loose tobacco” would be hit the hardest, with a $4.29 fee per small pouch!

Emanuel wants to be viewed as a crusader against youth smoking, and as a person who ‘stands up to Big Tobacco.’ Meanwhile, alcohol taxes won’t go up one red cent. It seems old Rahm and his cronies remember the lessons learned the last time someone tried to screw with Chicagoans liquor.

I’m all for promoting and funding youth empowerment programs, but tobacco enthusiasts can’t and shouldn’t be expected to foot the entire bill.


2 thoughts on “Put it in Your Pipe

  1. My friend and I were talking about how a .75 cents tax will be placed on each ML of vape liquid. We find it pretty ridiculous that officials are taxing vape products so highly when so far the studies show vaping as relatively harmless.

    I suppose when take into account the dire situation of our city (and state) then it isn’t all that surprising.

    Good post. I like macanudos myself.

    • Macanudos are always a great choice. Yes, sadly, the rights of folks to enjoy legal substances seem to be going by the wayside. In the 1920s, it was alcohol, now it’s tobacco’s turn to be demonized. 😦

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