Review: CAO Flavours

There are several cigars in this series, each with its own unique distinctions, as detailed below:

  • Bella Vanilla: I was not impressed with this smoke. Despite offering pleasant notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and crème soda, the construction is brittle, the draw tight, and the flavor far too subtle to be fully enjoyed.
    (4″ x 30)

  • Cherry Bomb: Cherry is, of course, the centerpiece flavor in this stick, but notes of milk chocolate and liqueur are also present throughout. It’s like smoking a cherry cordial. The mangy construction is a concern, however.
    (4″ x 30)

  • Earth Nectar: Pleasant scents of black cherry and bubblegum give way to tastes of honey, amaretto, and cordial cherry. Still, I found the flavor a bit too subtle for my liking.
    (4.7″ x 30)

  • Eileen’s Dream: This is a smooth stick, offering ample smoke and light (not overpowering) flavor. Notes of tree bark, coffee/mocha, amaretto, vanilla, and licorice are present throughout.
    (4′ x 30)

  • Gold Honey: Honey, amaranth, and cognac make for an odd collective taste, and an unfortunately sub-par smoking experience.
    (4″ x 30)

  • Moontrance: A unique blend of blueberry, cinnamon, nutmeg, pear, maple syrup, honey, dark chocolate, and confectioner’s sugar, this is a smoke not to be missed!(4″ x 40)

Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Mild Bodied
Cameroon wrapper


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