Warning Labels Will Do Nothing

As part of their maniacal and nonsensical crackdown on premium cigars, the FDA has ordered “more prominent” health labels on all tobacco packaging. This includes cigar boxes and even individually-wrapped single cigars. The move will cost cigar makers thousands… and will accomplish absolutely nothing.

Kids are not smoking premium cigars. That’s a fact. They might get their hands on a so-called “gas station cigar” every once in a while, but I don’t know of any kid that would go to the trouble of trying to get a premium cigar, and I don’t know of any reputable tobacconist that would allow that circumstance to become even remotely possible.

But government agencies have never been known to be the brightest, and there’s nothing politicians love more than to keep the electorate under their collective boot. So, get ready to see labels that take up nearly the entire face of each cigar box, and that run down the entire length of your cellophane-wrapped stick.

The new health labeling requirements go into effect in May 2018, with a 30-day grace period to allow retailers to sell off old stock.


One thought on “Warning Labels Will Do Nothing

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