Smoker’s Delight

It’s a good week to be a tobacco enthusiast. A few smoker-friendly stories made headlines this week. In an age where the “devil’s weed” is vilified at seemingly every turn, even a bit of a good news is a win.

  1. Fresh Air

The Massachusetts Board of Health will not move forward with a plan to prohibit smoking outside of restaurants and bars. The Board has already banned smoking outside nursing homes and other health facilities, and was recently successful in getting the legal smoking age from 18 to 21.

  1. Smoking in Your Own Room

Residents of an Omaha, Nebraska suburb apartment complex will still be able to light up at will, after the Bellevue City Council rejected a proposed ban on smoking there. The proposed amendment to the city’s fire code was shot down by a vote of 5-1. City leaders cited concerns about enforcement, and also property rights and invasion of privacy.

  1. Higher Ed Tobacco

California’s governor has vetoed plans to ban smoking on public universities in the state. Governor Jerry Brown said each institution has the power and authority to enact their own rules on smoking. The proposed state-wide ban would have outlawed all tobacco use on campus, and would have allowed school resource officers to fine cash-strapped students up to $100 for each offense.


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