Bring on the Cubans!

You may have heard the good news: President Obama recently signed a law that allows travelers to Cuba to bring back virtually unlimited supplies of cigars. The ruling also applies to rum.

Last year, lawmakers approved a bill that allowed visitors to bring back $100 worth of cigars. Unfortunately, at current prices, travelers were lucky to get back home with a box-full. Still, tobacco enthusiasts shouldn’t get too excited just yet.

The merchandise – both cigars and rum – must be carried in personal baggage (no shipping) and are designated as “for personal use only.” It means one person carting six suitcases full of ‘gars and booze is sure to raise an eyebrow at security. Also, the smokes are not eligible for resale. You can hand them out to your buddies as much as you want, but not one thin dime can change hands.

Meanwhile, mail order and Internet sales of Cuban cigars and rum remain illegal.


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