In Washington state, non-smokers need not apply. Not at cigar lounges, at least. In an effort to quell worker concerns about second-hand smoke, lawmakers there are considering a rule that would require employees of cigar bars and lounges to be smokers themselves.

Smoker Friendly?

Critics of the move contend desperate job seekers may take up smoking just to get a position, and that the measure will only increase tobacco use. They say some workers will outright lie, with hopes of gaining employment. Meanwhile, proponents argue the idea is not to get anyone ‘hooked’ on smoking, but rather that the measure would help ensure employees make a conscious decision to work in areas where they’d be subject to second-hand smoke.

If approved, the bill would create an exception to the state’s Smoking in Public Places Act, which currently bans smoking inside schools, bars, hotel rooms, places of employment, and other enclosed areas where people gather.


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