New Jersey Smoking Age Raised

Legislation signed last month will make New Jersey the third state in the country to raise the legal tobacco buying age to 21. The new law goes into effect November 1.

Hawaii and California are the other two states who currently require smokers to be at least 21 years of age to legally light up. Maine and Oregon are expected to be the next states to sign on to the trend.

Old Enough to Serve, but Not Be Served

The problem with this type of legislation, of course, is the fact that 18-year-olds are able to vote, fight, and in some cases die for this country… but they can’t enjoy a cigar and an adult beverage after a long day? Ludicrous!

Either make a blanket “official” age of adulthood at 18 or 21, but let’s end this hair-splitting once and for all.


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