Big Government Strikes Again

Thanks to crushing new FDA regulations on the cigar industry, one generations-old factory may be forced to shut its doors for good. The owners of Tabanero Cigars in Tampa, Florida say they’re already feeling the pinch.

“We are paying the FDA to put us out of business,” said Yanko Macedo.

One of the new proposed regulations is a hefty application fee for each hand-rolled cigar type. With 34 types and a fee of $50,000 a pop, Macedo says his business is as good as bankrupt.

Review: Platinum by Rocky Patel

Platinum by Rocky PatelReaders of this blog will attest that I’m no Rocky Patel fan. However — in the spirit of ‘unbiased reporting’ — I approached this stick with an open mind and subsequent ‘shut mouth.’

Beginning with notes of cocoa and dark chocolate, this box press later develops into a sweet spice and pepper taste.

Platinum by Rocky Patel5.5” x 50
Ecuador, Nicaragua
Medium to Full Bodied
Habano Oscuro wrapper

Proposed Casino Smoking Ban

The days of happily puffing on your favorite cigar in Baton Rouge casinos may soon be over. Lawmakers in Louisiana’s capital and second-biggest city are mulling a ban on the city’s three riverboat casinos.

Though a similar proposal failed in 2016, locals say this time the bill is likely to become law. Five of the 12 Metropolitan Council members have publicly endorsed the proposal.

Fighting Back

We told you about a proposed smoking ban in Texas aimed at barring smoking in public places. The ordinance has since passed, but some business owners in Arlington, Texas have filed a lawsuit to block enforcement of the law.

Hands Off Our Smokes

The lawsuit claims the new ordinance is un-Constitutional and “places a business-killing burden” on some public places, while looking the other way for others. Currently, bars are included in the ban, while bingo parlors and fraternal organizations (VFW, Elk’s Club, etc.) are not.

Falling in Line

City leaders argue the ordinance is necessary for public health and safety, and say it will help earn Arlington the coveted ‘100% Smoke-Free City’ designation.

The ban will not be fully enforced until the end of June, to give businesses time to post ‘No Smoking’ signs, and to give patrons time to adjust to the new rules.