Review: Edgar Hoill


Ample plumes of smoke, but poor ash hold. Notes of oak, black pepper, and coffee. Not too bad!

Edgar Hoill4.75” x 52
Full Bodied
Habano wrapper


Review: Pier 28 by Espinosa

This stick has a thin wrapper and poor ash hold. It would not stay lit.

While there is a pleasant black pepper spice, the smoke is very strong. It will be off-putting unless you truly enjoy being slapped in the face from the first puff.

Pier 28 by Espinosa5” x 52
Full Bodied
Ecuador Habano wrapper

Censorship is Alive and Well

Apple is no friend to cigar smokers. That’s the message from a recent article by the editor of Cigar Aficionado.

Not a fan or user of Apple products, this news only solidifies my stance on the entitled, hypocritical company. Perhaps it will change your mind, or at least provide food for thought.

by Peter P. Gaseoustania
The Layman’s Cigar

Search Continues for New Cigar Factory

Despite previous reports of a “done deal,” Gurkha Cigars will not be acquiring the American Caribbean cigar factory. Officials from both companies have confirmed that outcome.

Instead, Gurkha will build a new, 100,000 square-foot factory of its own. It will be Gurka’s first proprietary operation. Company reps expect a completion date of 2020, since acceptable locations are still being scouted.

Change of Heart

In May 2017, Gurkha owner Kaizad Hansotia suggested purchase of the American Caribbean factory in Esteli, Nicaragua was a “done deal.” However, after much thought and research, company reps decided the more financially-sound option was to build a new facility.

“After reviewing all the plans and upgrades we wanted to do to get the factory to where Kaizad wanted, he decided it was just easier to build our own spec,” said Gurkha marketing director Eddy Guerra.

Still Smiling

Gurkha and American Caribbean Cigars have collaborated for more than six years. Under the earlier proposal, Gurkha would have gained a factory stake, while all American Caribbean brands would still be produced on site. Gurkha would have been granted building branding rights.

Though the deal has now fallen flat, American Caribbean Cigars co-owner Alex Menendez says there are no hard feelings.

“We couldn’t come to terms. Ultimately, they [Gurkha] wanted their own factory. We still have a close relationship with Gurkha. Kaizad is a very good friend.”

In fact, Menendez says American Caribbean will continue to roll Gurkha cigars at the current facility even after the new factory is built.

Gurkha brands are currently sold in more than 70 countries. The company boasts a brand portfolio of 250 unique options.

by Frank Samandari
Industry News Contributor
The Layman’s Cigar

Frank Samandari is an award-winning journalist, web writer, and voice talent based near Daytona Beach, Florida.

Layman’s Plus: Ashton VSG

Perhaps it’s my “layman’s cigar” roots, but I was unimpressed with this highly-rated cigar. I’d give the construction a “C+” rating, the taste was neutral throughout, and the ultra-fast burn cut short what could have been a lengthy smoke. This stick, in my opinion, is just not worth the inflated price.

Cabaiguan by Pepin Garcia7” x 49 (box press)
Dominican Republic
Full Bodied
Ecuador (sun-grown) wrapper


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