Review: Buena Vista Reserva by MGM

Buena Vista Reserva by MGM

This stick offers a unique blend of flavors, including orange peel, spice drop, toasted almond, and cedar.

My only complaint is with the band, which seems super-glued on! Removing it (which was necessary due to its high placement on the cigar) damaged the wrapper.

Buena Vista Reserva by MGM5” x 46
Dominican Republic
Medium to Full Bodied
Ecuador Habano wrapper


Review: Seven by Psyko

Seven by Psyko

This offering from Ventura Cigar Company comes with a nearly full-stick label. As previously mentioned, manufacturers would be wise to omit excessive packaging, as it unnecessarily delays the smoking experience and has the potential to damage the delicate cigar wrapper.

That stated, this smoke features pleasant notes of toasted almond, nuts, and wood.

Seven by Psyko5.5” x 50
Dominican Republic, Mexico
Mild to Medium Bodied
Connecticut wrapper

Smokers Unite in Iowa

Smoking is a welcome activity in Garner, Iowa. At a recent City Council meeting, residents overwhelmingly voiced their opposition to a proposed smoking ban in city parks.

Recognizing the majority stance, lawmakers have decided not to move forward with the proposal. However at least one council member says she’ll continue to push for tobacco use regulation.


Review: Eastern Standard by Caldwell

Eastern Standard by Caldwell

The thin wrapper was brittle and the tiny pig tail foot an odd choice. Notes of almond, cream, and a hint of lemon round out this smoke.

Eastern Standard by CaldwellA note for those who like to remove the ring labels before or during the smoke: it’s glued on there pretty good (was still holding tight four inches in), and could damage the cigar wrapper if removed prematurely. Just a “smoker’s courtesy” FYI.

5” x 50
Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Medium Bodied
Connecticut Ecuadorian wrapper