Shapes & Sizes

Over the course of your smoking tenure, you will no doubt sample a variety of cigar types, shapes, and sizes. Cigar sizes vary depending on the manufacturer and country, but there is an emerging industry standard of sorts regarding sizing.

In the U.S. and Canada, you will typically see cigar length represented in inches, and girth represented in ring size — or 64ths of inches.

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Color refers to the shade of the wrapper — the outer leaf of the cigar. In the U.S. and Canada, varying shades of wrapper are used — traditionally falling in (or close to) one of the following categories.

  • Double Claro is a light green wrapper
  • Claro is a light tan wrapper
  • Natural is a light brown to brown wrapper
  • Colorado is a brown to reddish-brown wrapper
  • Maduro is a dark brown wrapper
  • Oscuro is a black wrapper

cigar colors

Ring Gauges

The chart below shows various ring sizes and their relative girth. A recent trend has seen production of cigars with 80+ ring gauges.

cigar ring gauges


There are many different sizes of cigars, but you are most likely to encounter the following in your smoking adventures.

Robusto 5.0 inches 50 ring
Panatela 5.0 inches 33 ring
Corona 5.5 inches 42 ring
Double Corona 7.5 inches 49 ring
Corona Gorda 6.0 inches 46 ring
Corona Grande 6¼ inches 42 ring
Gran Corona 9¼ inches 47 ring
Toro 6.0 inches 50 ring
Double Toro/Gordo 6.0 inches 60 ring
Lonsdale 6.5 inches 42 ring
Churchill 7.0 inches 42 ring
Presidente 8.0 inches 50 ring

cigar sizes


Cigar shapes tend to be uniform throughout the industry. Popular shapes include:

  • Pyramid — a pointed, closed head widening to an open foot
  • Belicoso — a small pyramid shape with a round head (instead of a point)
  • Torpedo — a pointed head, closed foot, and slight ‘bulge’ in the middle
  • Perfecto — two rounded ends and a ‘bulge’ in the middle
  • Solomon  — an oval shape: tapered ends with a ‘bulge’ in the middle

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