Smoke Free PA?

If the misguided lawmakers in Pennsylvania get their way, the state could soon go virtually “smoke free.” A bill being considered would ban smoking inside public areas — including private businesses, bars and casinos… and cigar lounges.

Closing Loopholes

The bill aims to cancel existing exceptions to current smoking restrictions implemented under the state’s Clear Indoor Air Act of 2008. If those exceptions are removed, Pennsylvania would be one of the most restrictive states in the country when it comes to smoking.

Gurkha Eyes Own Factory

As part of a partnership with American Caribbean Cigar (ACG), Gurkha Cigars will overtake the existing ACG factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Several Gurkha offerings have long been produced at the factory. Now, Gurkha reps say it’s time to take production to the next level.

“Owning our own factory will allow us to take better control of our inventory. It opens up the possibility of factory tours, which would bring customers closer to our brands,” said Eddy Guerra, Gurkha Director of Marketing.

Not all Gurkha sticks will be made at the Nicaragua facility, however. Guerra says the company will continue to work with other existing outlets.

Review: HC by Xikar

HC by XikarFollowing a pleasant experience with another offering from this brand, I was anxious to try the HC – which stands for “Havana Collection.”

Opening with notes of hay and leather – and featuring a post-light taste of aged cedar – this perfecto has a closed foot and tapered head. The latter was slightly awkward, as the wrapper seemed piecemeal at the top of the cigar.

That said, this stick offers a quick light, steady burn, and ample smoke. Despite one burn through incident that may well have been a fluke, it made for an overall enjoyable smoking experience.

HC by Xikar5.3” x 60
Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua
Medium to Full Bodied
Habano Colorado wrapper

The Kids Are All Right

Tobacco advocates hope a study by the New England Journal of Medicine may help sway lawmakers who are still on the fence about including premium handmade cigars in crushing new legislation.

The study — published this year with data collected in 2013 and 2014 — suggests kids aren’t interested in premium cigars, and cigar aficionados aren’t interested in candy-flavored, “gas station” smokes.

It’s good to finally have in print/digital something cigar enthusiasts have been trying to get through lawmakers’ thick skulls for years now.